I was born and raised in Turkey. After living in Kingston, Ontario for four years, in 2010, I moved to San Francisco. I’ve been enjoying this amazing part of the US ever since...

I worked on many funky things in my past. I worked as a sales manager for 3 years at a defense company in the Bay Area, cooked for and later managed a hip Turkish restaurant in downtown San Francisco for a year before moving on to design... After working on asylum cases at an immigration law office and traveling for 3 months across Southeast Asia, in 2014, I went off to complete my masters in the Design Program at Stanford.

Following many cooking and community gathering projects at Stanford, I started to find a focus in space, food and travel. Some user research on tiny homes turned into a fascination with co-living and co-housing; which led me to work on bringing a little bit of soul into the roommate search in the Bay Area as a project for several months. Then it merged with the idea of living in different parts of the World on a monthly bases with other working folks; curating a group where you can eat, share stories and explore together. This took me to an almost year long startup adventure living in San Francisco and London. The joy of exciting many with the concept was met with the cold reality that we just couldn’t make a business model work to support it. I put the project on hold and moved on to new design projects. With a fantastic team, I’ve been working on user research and strategy at Wells Fargo ever since.

On the other hand, I love to travel and get on a plane as often as I can. On and off, I’ve been across Europe, had an amazing trip to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and did a 2,500 km road-trip in Central America through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. In 2014, had my first solo adventure backpacking for 3 months in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Saw South America for the first time in 2017 and 2018 got a lot of Scandinavia. And most recently, kicked off 2019 with a wedding in Mumbai, and New Years in Singapore.

Majority of the material here are from my travels and design projects over the years. Hope you enjoy them and feel free to reach out :)